Sunday, July 31, 2005

Tagged by Tesco

So we came home from VA about an hour ago. I decided to fire up the ole laptop to see how many junk e-mails I received in my absence. I then find out, via e-mail, I got tagged by my blogfriend, TescoSuicide. Whoopsie! My bad. That's what I get for not checking all blogs before I head off on holiday. And it rained practically the whole time. But that is for another post.

The tag is titled: So What's On your Nightstand? (thank goodness it doesn't say IN the nightstand)

Let's see. Upon inspection we have the following:

~ One watch box with six watches inside. I LIKE watches. Not just any ole watch, mind you. I like classic, antique, or odd designs. Geo has one watch and he never wears it.

~ One jewelry box with assorted stuff. Stuff is three yellow gold necklaces (custom made so I ain't getting rid of them), a Silver Surfer necklace, bunch of silver hoop rings, gold and silver rings that I don't wear, some nasty and knotted gold chains which are going to be melted down into something for the baby, and links from my Movado watch.

~ Twelve books. They are Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, Meditation, The Mantram Handbook, Conquest of Mind, Take Your Time, The Working Poor, Arc of Justice, Love in the Driest Season, 2005 World Almanac, NIV Student Bible, NIV Study Bible, and NIV Life Application Bible. And yes, I do have a bookcase in the bedroom. I'm just a lazy little person.

~ Earplugs. They're actually Geo's. I'm partially deaf so they are 1/2 worthless to me.

~ Adam and Eve Oral Sensation Gel. Spearmint. Good stuff.

~ JO Lube. Expensive but well worth it.

The last two are hidden from view. That's all I need is to have my parents over the house and the baby come tippy-toeing in the living room holding our latest purchase. It's not the discovery that would be embarassing - it would be the explaining. My mom is not quick on the mark anymore. I would have to either explain it at least three times before she gets it, or just throw it in the other room and hope her shitty memory kicks in and she'll forget it exists. The latter is always the safest bet.

~ and my clock. I hate the stupid thing. Bastard keeps waking me in the morning.

That's it folks! Now who to tag. If and when he reads this, I tag Fist, Tickle, Brick. He might not like tagging ... tough. It's a short one, FTB.


tescosuicide said...

Sorry, I didn't know you were away... ALa told me after I already posted...

JO Lube and Oral sensations? I guess we're all a bunch of freaks! ;)

Maidink said...

Normally it's not on the stand. It's usually in the stand's drawer with the "other" stuff.

Freaks? I prefer creative, thank you! ;D

justrose said...

wait. you like watches? really?

Maidink said...

Sarcastic or didn't know? I don't wear them much but I do like them.

Wait .... this has to be sarcasm.