Thursday, July 21, 2005

chemistry 101 for the workplace

We got a new CFO in work. He seems like a nice chap. He's coming from a large company that did some "restructuring". He really wants to get to know our company and it seems like he wants to make a good impression on the chief godhead (CEO). That's not a bad thing.

We have a division in another state. They insist on doing their own customer service and collecting. That's actually my job. They bitch if I bother their customers. Their collections record completely and utterly s-u-c-k-s. My record is well within industry guidlines (patting self on back). They don't want me to help them? Fine by me. That's not a bad thing.

Take one part new executive wanting to make good impression and take one part division that's in dire need of being slapped. Combine both elements. Use as catalyst one left-of-center receiveables coordinator who not only loves to works with numbers in large quantities but has been waiting for a new challenge in the workplace.

Oh no! The days of blogging and might seriously be curtailed. Heavens! These people want me to ... dare I say ... work?


Yeah, I know that sounds really ill. Seriously, I love my job and I love numbers and accounting and finances and everything that gets to go with it. But I have been doing the same thing for quite some time and I am ready for a new challenge.

It's not official yet. But there has been more than one top executive looking at certain numbers wondering why XYZ site's figures are so poor while the sites I handle are, shall we say, well above average.

This could be why the other place didn't hire me.

I know this post is borderline boring as hell. Accounting is not what you call "hip and happenin'".


justrose said...

Au contraire, I enjoy a good accounting post now and again.

Let us know what happens!

Lost said...

Pfft accountants make the world balance. hehehehe I made an accounting joke.

Maidink said...

JR - will do.

Lost - that was so poor. Funny - but poor. :)

Bigandmean said...

My accounting system- debits to the window, credits to the door.

Maidink said...

Strange, that's exactly how this company works, too! :)

Try it the banking way sometime. Debits are funds in a cash acocunt and credits are funds out of a cash account.

Gives me a headache just thinking about it.

Arlean said...

Oh please tell me how this one turns out we all know that it will never happen

Maidink said...

It could happen. This time, it could.