Friday, July 15, 2005

still depressed today

Sorry, folks. I am still bummin' heavily over yesterday's defeat. Another night of absolutely no sleep. Oddly, though, I don't feel tired. By all physical rights I should be falling asleep on my keyboard. I pray I can sleep tonight. I really don't want to be dragging ass tomorrow.

Everyone has been really cool in tryin' to cheer me up. I haven't been a funk like this in a while. I know I'll shake out of it ... I just need a bit more time.

Geo, as always, did a great job in making me feel better yesterday after the interview. He had me laughing so hard my sides hurt. I'll give that man credit where credit is due - he can have me insanely laughing no matter how bummed out I can be.

On to cheerier stuff:

My company got me two dozen cupcakes that spelled out Happy Birthday (the remaining 11 had multi-colored icing balloons). That was pretty cool. And a major sugar rush. I didn't eat all 24! I had help - 12 co-workers to be exact.

Tomorrow should be cool. I'm going to my rents home for a birthday BBQ. Hopefully it won't rain (it normally does).

So, there you have it. And now, I leave you with this ...


tescosuicide said...

That is a really cute baby.

jus sayin.

Maidink said...

Thank you, tesco. She is the apple of me eye (and Geo's, too). :)