Monday, July 04, 2005

defining pain

Geo and the baby always rough-house with each other. That's his way of bonding with her. He will also add,

"If anyone bothers her at school, I know she can take care of herself."

Sure, but I'm the one who will get the phone call.

I suggested he try to read to her her favorite book, If You Give A Pig A Panacake, the other night. He did and two seconds after he read it, she shouted,

"Mommy, your turn"

Not a good ego booster. So ended the book reading idea.

After a round of square-circle melee on the living room floor, Geo went to bed - he has to leave out at midnight. No fireworks watching this fourth.

I popped in a Dora the Explorer DVD for her entertainment and sat on the floor to watch it with her.

She got up from her chair and darted into the back room giggled and tip-toeing. I paid no nevermind since she is always doing goofy stuff like that.

Then it hit me ... literally!

She booked out of the back family room and ran full force into me knocking me on to my side. She knelt down next to me with this big ole smile and put her face right up to mine and said,

"You O.K., Mommy?"

Yeah, I can hear the phone calls from here.


justrose said...

if you give a pig a pancake! a classic.

you are blogging the bejesus out of yourself, aren't you. i'm impressed. you even mentioned fraggles!

Maidink said...

Now if I can impress the incomparable JustRose, I must be doing something right. :)