Monday, July 25, 2005

what not to say in a public restroom vol. 1

We had our morning company meeting. I hate those things. It takes me away from my blogging and other things .... what is it ... oh yeah, work. We all sit around at a conference table and regurgitate "highlights" from the last meeting and discover nothing new has occured in the five day lapse since. What a waste.

Afterwards, I head off to the ladies room. As soon as you walk in, there is a floor length mirror. Everytime I take a look to make sure I don't look like a total dweeb (i.e., flat hair, crooked clothing, etc.). Today I am wearing black pants. I looked in the mirror. Could my friggin hips jut out any further?? I wore black because it's supposed to look slimming. I looked at my image and said, "Black slims my backside". Another way I could have (and should have) said it was "Sure black slims. Don't think so." No, I said it in the former statement. Just then, I hear a KER-FLUSH and out walks some gal who I have never seen. She's got a smirk on her face and I feel like a doof. As I quickly scurry into a stall, I look in the mirror as she is leaving and she looked at my butt.

Maybe I should have asked for a second opinion.


justrose said...

i recall a certain scene in a bathroom many years ago when this girl "couldn't stop drooling."

it involved scope mouthwash.

oh, and another one when this girl's hair was "so greasy."

(i'm writing "committable.")

Maidink said...


Boy, what a freak that person was! :)