Thursday, July 07, 2005

NE Philly and Eminent Domain

It seems NE Philadelphia has not been spared by the threat of Eminent Domain and the local powers that love abusing it.

I ran across this article last week and couldn't believe what I was reading. Mind you, Eminent Domain has always been around. It's just now getting the media attention it desperately deserves.

In some situations, Eminent Domain does benefit local communities and their surrounding areas. But at what cost? Who is the real beneficiary of such deals? I never thought about it until I read this:

Northwood Doesn't Like City's Seizure of Property


tescosuicide said...

Well then there now ya see, I get a little fucked up on this topic; Although I do agree that the burned out shells should be taken care of first, I always wonder how they come up with these property locations... ya know what I'm saying? For some reason unknown to us, the city decided that said area needs to be re-developed... I'd just wanna know more before I support the cause ya know?

tescosuicide said...

By the way, the Northeast is a disaster that does need a face-lift.

tescosuicide said...

Holy shit, I know you! ALa just informed me!

Maidink said...

Surprise!!!! :)

Took you a while.

Maidink said...

Funny thing is I thought you KNEW who I was.