Wednesday, July 20, 2005

beam me up scotty

James Doohan, the infamous Scotty of original Star Trek fame, died July 20, 2005 at the age of 85.

I actually met him at a trekkie convention in Valley Forge PA some 13 or so years ago. Yeah, I'm a trekkie and I like D and D. I'm mostly a geek - happy?? O.K. - so - the man [Scotty] was as drunk as a skunk. He had an old fashion glass filled with ice and, from the smell, scotch. As long as I watied in line for his autograph, that glass never emptied though he kept gulping from it. When he got down to just a backwash amount left, someone was there with more ice and more booze. At first I felt let down. Then I saw what he had to endure. So I guess it was either scotch or crack. Glad he chose the former and not the pipe. He was very personable and I got his autograph on a trek t-shirt.

Don't have the shirt anymore. Lord knows what happened to it. But I do have a pretty cool memory of meeting the Starship Enterprise's chief engineer..

Good bye Mr Scott. You lived long and did indeed prosper.

Ref.: Star Trek's Doohan Dies


Fist Tickle Brick said...

My brother is like a World Champion D and D player. Seriously. I think they won the title last year in Indianapolis or something. So I won't make too much fun of you for that. ; )

Maidink said...

Thank you, FTB. Hey, that's no easy feat so kudos to your bro!!

Lost said...

Poor Scotty. I've already mourned for him though, the Old Timers' really took him a year or so ago but now at least he's at rest. So let's all raise our glasses of scotch in one last salute.

justrose said...

I still remember your action figures. The blue perma underoos. They were yours, weren't they?

Maidink said...

Lost - (spoken in drunken slur) That would *hic* make the man proud *hic*

JR - Hee-hee-hee. Yep, that was me. They had perma dark blue roos and perma thigh high black boots. Remember the Enterprise with the revolving door transporter? That was some real 70's toy cheese.

Probably worth a mint now.