Tuesday, July 26, 2005

Crayons and heat just don't mix

Yeah, I now have a slighty multi-colored passenger seat.

When I left work, I opened my car door and got a faint whiff of Crayola. There they were - just as I left them. Crayons. Three crayons. Three big crayons. On the front seat. Melted.


I have discovered something in my stupidity. I am not the only stupid parent out there. Crayola actually has a web page dedicated to getting their products out of various types of sufaces. When you log on it's called "Stain Removal" under "Helpful Information". I love the first two words - don't panic. How hitchhiker!

I now have a whole new admiration for Crayola, WD-40, and Palmolive dish washing liquid.

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