Tuesday, July 26, 2005

and he did it without a license

I love my dad. He is the funniest person I know without having to try. It's his sarcasm. My one boss, who is British, said to me when he met my father, "Now I know where you get your sense of humor". He meant it as a compliment and that's exactly how I took it. My dad is not the most overly affectionate person on the face of the globe, but I have never questioned his love for me though he doesn't often say it.

And he drives my mother nuts. He has done so for over 52 years. Today was a great example.

I always call my parents after I pick up the baby from school. Normally, I talk to my mom. As I was talking to her today, I heard my dad in the background grumbling about something. Suddenly, my mom burts out in this full-blown belly laugh. Feeling a bit left out from the joke, I asked what's so funny.

mom: (in between gasps of laughter) Your dad ha-ha-ha has been trying to swat ha-ha-ha this fly ha-ha-ha

me: Ooooh kaaaayy. So why the hysterics?

can still hear dad griping in the background. mom is now laughing harder

mom: (a bit more composed) He's trying to hit this fly in the kitchen window. He's been swatting at it with a newspaper.

another roar of laughter

me: and what? Did the Mighty Casey swing and miss?

mom: He's complaining, "This stupid fly won't die. What the hell is wrong? I keep hitting him and he keeps buzzing."

me: annnnnndddd?

mom: The fly's on the outside.

complete uncontrolled laughter now

me: (now I'm laughing) Oh yeah, Dad. You got him on the run now.

mom: (laughing again) He just said, "Well, at least I knocked him down".

me: (shaking my head) Mom, I really worry about the two of you alone in that house.

That's my dad - big game hunter. I think I'll buy him a swatter with a scope for Christmas.


Tony said...

LMAO! What a great story!!!

Lost said...

*snorf* that is a great story. You can raz your dad for months over this one LOL

Maidink said...

Tony - Yep, dad is a hoot. The man is completely bloggable.

Lost - not months - just days. He'll do something goofy soon again that will be worth razzing. I can almost guarantee that. :)