Monday, September 26, 2005

Blogger is so ticking me off!

Not once. Not twice. Not even frellin' thrice. Blogger ate either my posts or my edits about eight times today. I had to keep hitting Save As Draft every twenty seconds or else I'd lose all my edits. And one kicking post is now in cyber-whatever.

Stupid Blogger.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

It seems everyone in the blogosphere is encountering the same problem (well those on Blogger, at least).

It's incredibly difficult to leave a comment too! It keep 'disappearing' the box to say who is commenting.

Rowan said...

It's happened to me today too! F*@%ing blogger!

Maidink said...

P and T - I yelled at my computer in work. Not a good move. The boss was all "everything alright here?" I lied. I told him I lost a batch in the system. :)

Rowan - Blogger was being a major tool today. It's bad enough when you lose edits but when you lose a whole post. That bites.

snicks said...

last year, it took me TWO days to make a kept disappearing in some kind of vortex, i guess

CrankyProf said...

Here, here!

You bring the feathers, I'll get the tar...we'll handle the problem!

(I blamed it on ComBastards, though; they're the most useless and obstinant internet provider.)

Maidink said...

Snicks - The only thing I can think of is Blogger must doing some "really cool and sweet updates". Yippee ya yeah. That still doesn't make me any happier.

CP - fine by me. Hey, let's get them both - Blogger and Comcast! The bastards (that's for Comcast). They've pissed me off one too many times lately (that's for Blogger).

Rowan said...

Yeah, I lost the original post, sucks, not sure it came out the same the second time.

Krisco said...

This is my latest theory - that is that Foxfire browser / blogger combo.

When I use Safari (mac), the post page might refresh, but it doesn't lose what I've written.

I can't tell you the number of times using Firefox that when the screen blinked, my text was gone.

I have so little time to post, that just pissed me off no end.

I know it's supposed to be cooler, but I quite using it. It sucks.