Sunday, September 11, 2005

A lot of flippin' in the kitchen

For those of you with grandparents, and those of you with little ones and your parents are still kicking, today is Grandparent's Day. I honestly believe these holidays were created under lobbying by Hallmark and American Greetings.

And how lovely, it falls on Patriot's Day, the anniversary of the 9-11 attacks in the US.

So, after church, the baby and I went to Mom and Dad's for lunch. She gave them a card and a cheesy picture of herself we bought at a kiosk in the Oxford Valley Mall. Dad had football on the TV. He was watching two different games and flipping back and forth between them. Mom was making a fuss over the baby. I chose to join my dad and watch the game.

Me to my mom: "I just picked up a McNabb jersey for the baby, a 4T, for just $25 on Ebay."

Mom: "Doesn't her TO (Terrell Owens) shirt fit her from last year?"

Me: "Yeah, but it's a little tight. They should really hang loose so I got her McNabb."

Mom: "Oh."

Now Mom's getting stuff ready for lunch and Dad and I are still flipping between the two games.

Me: "I found out the reason I couldn't get the baby a TO jersey in black last year. It's 'cause they make the toddler shirts in Eagles green only."

Dad now gets up to help my Mom. This was because there were commercials on both channels so there was no point in flipping.

Mom: "Did you check to see if you could get it in white?"

Dad and I look at Mom with knitted eyebrows.

Dad: "Didn't you hear what she said?"

Mom (with some force behind her voice) "Yes, I did. She said they don't make them in black."

Dad (in the most sarcastic tone possible): "No, she said they only make them in green."

Mom now turns to look at me: "You said they didn't make them in black, right?"

Me (looking at mom and trying not to laugh at my dad making faces behind her back): "Yeah, they don't make the jerseys in black or white, Mom. Just the green."

Mom spins around quick enough to see my Dad trying to hide his mock laughter.

Dad: "So clean your ears out woman and pay a little more attention next time."

Mom looked at me and looked at him and promptly flipped my Dad the bird.

Thank goodness the baby was in the other room and didn't witness that.


Virginia Gal said...

Funny and yes most of these holidays must have been lobbied for by one Mr. Hallmark :-)

Maidink said...

No doubt. I only give cards to the parents year round. At Christmas time is when everyone gets a card. Why? I don't know. It's like the thing to do.