Thursday, September 29, 2005

Karate and Jousting

Yep, that's the plans for this weekend.

We're loading up the fidgetmobile and heading down to Baltimore. We're not taking my car. My car eats gas. Okay, it doesn't eat gas (24 MPG highway/city), but compared to the fidgetmobile, it does. The fidgetmobile, it gets a good 34 MPG highway/city. With today's gasoline prices, this one is called a no-brainer.

Saturday will find us watching someone taking their karate test for their next level belt. No, this is not an arbitrary thing. It's not like we are going to cruise the streets scoping out the dojos to find the best one. Friends of ours have a son (we'll call him Tee) and Tee is in karate school. Don't ask me what style 'cause I don't know. I believe I mentioned before that Geo has several black belts in several different styles. Again, can't tell you which ones 'cause they all look the same to me. Well, Tee has always looked up to Geo as some sort of role model (maidink snickers at this); hence, Tee took up karate the second he was allowed to enroll When Tee found out the date of his next belt test, the first person he called to invite to watch was Geo. Awwww.

And after that's done, we are going to relax. I don't believe in running around doing eighty thousand things while away from home and neither does Geo. The baby could care less what we do. She loves Tee so she'll be his shadow this weekend. Heck, she'd probably try to join the dojo just to kick my backside at a later date.

The next day we will travel to the Maryland Renaissance Festival. This thing kicks butt! It so outdoes the PA Renn Faire. We'll be shopping and drinking and eating and drinking and watching jousts and drinking and ... oh yeah ... drinking. It's actually a lot of fun. I'm even going to dress in period style clothing. Got my barmaid wench outfit ready to go. Woo-hoooo!!

The Renn Faire in PA just doesn't do it for me anymore. Maybe it's the lack of tree shade throughout the village or lack of decent vendors or the non-lack of frellin yellow jackets everywhere. Whatever the reason, we just don't bother going there.

And a certain someone who purportedly reads this blog daily is invited to join. They have asked me before and I, like the brainless dork that I can be, forgot to tell them when we'll be going.

After the festivities at the festival, we'll head home. Gosh, I hope we can get some food shopping done before Monday. Oh well.


CrankyProf said...


We were going to do the PA Renn Faire this year, but never got motivated enpugh to make it happen.

And Jumping Bean takes her Tae Kwon DO yellow belt test tomorrow night! If she passes, she gets cake!

mdmhvonpa said...

"I'm even going to dress in period style clothing. Got my barmaid wench outfit ready to go. Woo-hoooo!!"

Oh MY!

On that note, the mrs and I have been looking into some sort of martial arts for the kids ... a little discipline, structure and physical activity goes a long ways.

Virginia Gal said...

oh have fun at the Ren Festival (you'll be in my neck of the woods!). My friends and I did that last year. I love all the food, bad for you, food that the festival has. I think I had macaroni and cheese on a stick, followed by cheesecake on a stick. I also got my hair braided - very cool!
Great fun for kids also - its nice your taking your daughter to all these things, she will be a more well-rounded person for it!

Maidink said...

CP - I've been going to the one in PA since the mid-80's. MD is just "new". They do the Henry VIII where PA is QE1. I like the older era better.

If you can, I highly recommend the MD Renn Faire. Lots more food (yum) and good drinks (boozed and non-boozed).

Tell Bean "good luck" and "break some wood" from me. :)

MDM - Geo kindly reminded me that wea re driving home straight from the Festival. "You realize you'll be in the costume all the way home." Now I might have to come up with up a plan. Drat.

Geo and I are doing the same thing with Dinks when she's old enough to join a dojo. I might even take an adult course. I have plenty of Tiger Balm (and bandages and Bactine). Let me know what dojos you found.

VG - Food is good especially the bad stuff. Don't buy into all that health for you crap. We're gonna eat all the meatcakes, emu legs (or ostrich - it definitely ain't turkey), pickles on a stick (that's for Dinks), and anything else. Mmmmm yum-yum.

Geo and I firmly believe in taking Dinks everywhere. We've been doing it since she was an infant and we have no intentions of stopping. The places don't have to be expensive - just interesting enough for her to enjoy. Next stop is the Aberdeen MD Proving Grounds (Geo's a WWII buff and she likes military things).

Rowan said...

Have lots of fun, I've always wanted to go to one of these festivals, never have....even have the costumes!

Speaking of costumes, OMG why does this have to be so freaking hard???

Maidink said...

Rowan - are there Renn Faires in Ontario? Again, my lack of Canadian knowledge shows through.