Friday, September 16, 2005

For best results, use this side

I've already mentioned I order the supplies here at XYZ Corp. It's a friggin glam job with total perks, a car, and some sports tickets thrown in.

Okay, back to reality.

I order this stuff every week and the one thing we go through more than anything else is ... anyone ... PAPER! Honest, we go through 10 boxes of letter size a month. Considering most boxes hold 10 to 12 reams and there is normally 500 sheets per ream, that's a lot. Least we forget I work for a small cap publicly traded firm. I'll illustrate. If a corporation like Proctor and Gamble were, say, an African elephant, we would be the dirt under one of it's toenails. So, that much paper for a dirt corp is enormous.

In my job, I can go through two boxes a month. I am not exaggerating. My officemate co-worker can go through about one box. Our other counterpart in the Accounting Dept goes through half a box. So in Accounting alone, we use over 33%.

Recently, the company we normally order supplies from had a sale. We got 40 reams of paper for some ridiculously low price. And it's paper; hence, we need it. I figured "What the heck. It's a bargain." This paper actually has directions. WTH!? On the package, it states to use one particular side versus the other "for best results".

I print reports daily which go in a drawer which go in a filing cabinet at the end of the month which get put in a box after two years which go into a storage room for seven years which go through a shredder and burned.

I honestly don't give a damn which side yields the best results.


Virginia Gal said...

hee hee - so true, I use to support this one director here who LOVED to have me make copies. At one point I thought of moving my desk to the copy room, cause I was there 90% of the day. And you know what would irk the crap out of me, is she would give me said presentation or report Wednesday afternoon, I'd make copies and than she would come in Thursday morning and change like two things and insist on brand new copies. What a waste of paper!
I thought computers were suppose to do away with all this paper...?

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I've noticed the 'directions for use' on packs of paper before too. And laughed at it.

And so true: I remember all those statements (non-paper ones) years ago, telling us how the day of the paperless office was upon us.

Erm... still waiting. I think I use more paper than ever before these days.

Maidink said...

VG and P and T - I have never used so much paper in any job in my life! I honestly believe we have deforested Colorado by now.

Merci said...

It's all true! I'm as guilty as anyone. I print a document (sometimes many copies), then find an error, correct it, print it again, find another error, on and on and on.

Maidink said...

Merci - I am just as guilty as the rest for wasting paper. Only within the past few weeks have I started to re-use paper (both sides). I figured "Who's gonna look? It's all archived anyway." I think I'm actually saving doing this. I feel so green. :)