Saturday, September 10, 2005

Bye Bye old toys!

My church is having a Christmas bizarre around November. They have it every year. It's sort of cheesey but church bizarres are never "swinging hot spots". If they were, two things would have to occur: 1) there would be booze and music, and 2) it wouldn't be at a church. Since that defeats the definition of church bizarre, it must remain benign.

Upside, I am unloading all of the baby's toys that she has ignored for more than six months. That's about 75% of the lot.

Then I'll go after Geo's stuff that he hasn't touched in two years. Watch ... I'll get rid of it and the little turkey will ask me, "Hey babe, have you seen the {fill in the blank} anywhere?"

I'll lie of course.


Belinda said...

You are living my dream, except that I want to purge my home and TWO huge storage buildings of at least 75% of their ENTIRE contents. And I'm not even thinking of the barn yet. Yikes.

We do live in a TINY house (on 10 acres--oh, the bitter irony), and it would be so much more liveable without all this unused CRAP in it. Unfortunately, Hubby is rather a packrat. I have to sneak things out and hope he'll never notice.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

Myself and Superhero's mummy recently cleared out a huge amount of his old clothes (most unworn and still with the tags attached).

It was fun. He was on the verge of tears.

Tony said...

A drunken, swinging, wild church Bizarre?

Now THAT sounds fun! Where do I sign up?

Maidink said...

Belinda - you are living in my dream residence (10 acres and barn). I already have the Cracker Jack house and some of the land (1/10th of an acre ... Ooooo). Geo's a packrat, too; hence, I wait until he's gone for a few days. :)

P and T - I unload used clothes twice a year to the Fox Chase Cancer Center near here. I believe they have a second hand store.

Unworn with tags? Sounds more like the baby's closet here. I just a found a mock turtleneck onesie sized 0 - 3 months with tags still attached. *sigh*

Tony - Who are you kidding? You'd be the MC at said soiree! ;)