Thursday, September 29, 2005

Could she have waited just a bit longer

I had every intention of dressing my child as Elmo this Halloween.

We have this great costume we purchased last year. It's the ultra deluxe Elmo costume that's all furry and warm. We dropped a friggin bundle on the dumb thing.

Alas, we made the mistake many parents make. We bought an expensive costume for a child who walked the neighborhood for ten minutes Halloween night. That's it. I could have taped a Christmas ball to her head and said she was a Charlie Brown Christmas tree. Lord knows it would have been cheaper (already got the tape and decorations). The first scary costume she saw, she screamed bloody murder, begged me to hold her, and wouldn't let me put her back down on the ground.

Just brilliant.

Remembering all this, I have told everyone the baby will be Elmo again this year. Dammit, I'm getting my monies worth out of the furry little mop.

All of my "set in stone" decisions were pretty much blown out of the water this morning. This was our conversation while getting ready to leave.

Me: So you excited bout Halloween, sweetie?

Baby: Um, I got jackie.

Me: Yes, sweetie. You have your jackie 'cause it's gonna rain today.

Baby: I got jackie (inaudible sounds) it's yeww - woh

Me: Yes, it's a pretty yellow jackie.

(maidink now cussing at herself for forgetting her jacket)

Me: So are we going to be Elmo this year for Halloween?

Baby: no

(maidink's eyes grow huge with fear as she is dumb struck by the child's answer)

Me: But honey, you like Elmo, right?

Baby: No, I got Wiggles!

(child is now jumping up and down in some sort of interpretation dance shouting "wiggie, wiggie")

Me: So no Elmo?

Baby: I go to school.

Me: Ohhhhhh-kay.

She wears a "one" ring around her neck. I think I'll dress her as Bilbo or Frodo. She's short, she can pass.

Elmo, your fuzzy red backside is E-Bay bound.


mdmhvonpa said...

Same problem here ... We have a few outfits for the kids and guess what, Alexis wants to be a Pumpkin Princess and Jake wants to be ... Thomas the Tank Engine. Argh...

Maidink said...

Hee-hee-he. It sounds adorable. I'm hoping Dinks will change her mind. She probably will. She's 2.75, it's expected.

Rowan said...

You can be sure you can talk her into wearing it! I bet it will happen between now and halloween, shes young, best to take advantage of it now, by next year? I bet there would be no talking her out of it.

I'm having trouble finding a decent costume for my baby boy, a small 20 month old by that time. VERY VERY small. 12 months is just a shy too small, and 18 mos. won't do as they are too cutesy and have footies (which we don't want). ARRGGHGHHH! the search continues.

Maidink said...

Rowan - Draco, dammit! Dress him as Draco!!