Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Dad update: Part Four

My Dad has diabetes. He normally is able to keep it in check via medication. However, in the past two weeks, his sugar count has been consistanly over 200. Now he needs to take insulin shots daily. And check his blood sugar at least three times a day.

He's still coming home on Friday but now his diet has been radically cut. The man is already on a low fat, low sodium, low sugar, low carb diet!

Radically cut to what?


justrose said...

this is the thing. i think such diets are impossible, but, as someone who has to work without five of eight major food proteins, i can say there are ways to make it fun. recipe time. hope he's feeling better. do you ever get a "honeymoon" once you're on insulin? i know sometimes diabetic cats do, and as you know that is my basis for comparison.

Piggy and Tazzy said...

I read something today on the BBC website which said that diets are easier for men.

It must be true if they said it.

Personally, I thinks it's because we men only eat the wholesome and nutricious stuff thats put in front of us by the womenfolks.

Womenfolks on the otherhand, eat nothing but boxes of chocolates, cakes, sweets, crisps and mcD's.

Its true. And I won't hear a word to the contrary.

*trots out, hands over ears, shouting 'I'm not listening, nah nah nah nah nah', laughing at the fat woman on the way in*

Merci said...

Maybe his situation will improve once he has recovered from the surgery. Can't that throw the levels off?

And P&T, you know us so well. Think I'll head off to McD's for breakfast, and I'll pick up some crisps to eat at my desk today...

Maidink said...

JR - no clue on the honeymoon thing. No clue as in I have no clue what you mean. As for diet, your Aunt P is the one who worries me.

Example: Christmas 2003. Mom told everyone Dad was on a low fat, low salt diet so she was making chicken. Normal people think of roasted chicken with a hint of lemon and garlic. She made chicken breasts swimming in cream of chicken gravy loaded with cream and butter and (I swear) four bouillon cubes. Oooooooh-kay!

P and T - of course we women feed our men nutrious food (except my mum: see above).

And I won't argue. If it weren't for McD's, chocolate ('specially in the form of s'mores), and various sweets, I'd starve.

Not a big crisps eater unless they're low salt. I hate salt. If the crisps are no salt, I'd advise anyone near me reaching for one not to do so least ye pull back hand one digit less. >:)

Merci - It might. That's why I believe the doctor gave my pop a week and a half to improve the numbers. They didn't improve. And with his age, the risk to let it go longer was too great; hence, the insulin shots daily.

If you'll give me a few minutes, I'll grab the McD's BOGO breakfast sandwich coupons. Prayfully they didn't expire.