Tuesday, September 13, 2005

I feel like Mom of the Year ...

... in comparison to this dope.

Granted, I may yell at my child when she is not paying attention and I may get angry with her but I would never DREAM of putting her in a cage.

Can you say "mommy treats us like dogs and cats in a kennel?"

Heck, who am I kidding? I've seen kennels that treat animals like royalty.

Eleven Children Found Caged in Ohio Home


Bigandmean said...

Things like that make me sick. I've seen and interacted with some of the refugee kids from Louisiana. We've got thousands of them here in Texas, several dozen living at my church. The very young ones seem to roll with the punches and don't appear to be affected a great deal by the trauma. The older ones don't seem to be like other kids their age. I wonder if it's the trauma of the hurricane, having lived in obvious poverty or some trauma associated with their home life. Whatever it is, I wish I could fix it but the problem is so much bigger than anything I could possible do.

Virginia Gal said...

oh my God I saw this on the evening news last night - I had to flip the channel before I started crying. How could people do that to children? If you are in over your head, just say so...better to ask for help than to abuse children. oh just thinking about it right now makes me teary-eyed - I want to go up and hug each of those kids and hold them.

Maidink said...

B&M - Sad part of the story is that it is not unique. Last year alone in Philly, they had on the news about two families that kept their kids in cages. And that's the stories that were dubbed news worthy. Lord knows how many children exist in such situations. It breaks my heart.

katrina was a life altering event to the nth degree. It's rough on adults because they have the children who look to them for support. I, too, would love to help each of them.

VG - thank the Heavens the youngest of them probably won't be affected psychologically by it. The older ones though ... I just can't fathom what would possess a person to treat a child or anyone less than human.