Wednesday, September 07, 2005

Evil mommy strikes again

The daughter did not want me to leave this morning after I dropped her off at school. All seemed fine and well UNTIL I made a break for the door.


She was attached to my leg like Velcro (tm).


We walked outside and I told her to have fun with her friends. Oh no. It was a "cling to mommy like static" morning. I picked her up and told her to give me a big giant hug and kiss. She did with giggles and smiles. Downside, she wouldn't let go. It was a Looney Tunes cartoon moment. The kid was hanging off my neck like a monkey - giggling and laughing. A teacher finally came over and we pryed the baby off of me.

She bawled; I left.

I waved to her as I drove by the playground. Her little boo-boo face followed the car as she waved back to me.

Watch ... tonight I'll pick her up and she'll want nothing to do with me.

At least I got the hug and kiss this morning.


Moxie said...

Awwww...that is the absolute sweetest! :)

CrankyProf said...

We went to Bean's pre-K orientation this morning, and I got the same deal as she was led off to color and play with her new classmates, while mommy had to go fill out paperwork.

Ay, ay, ay.

Maidink said...

Mox - She is a sweet kid and I would rather spend time with her. but she loves school so i don't feel TOO bad (just a little). Oh, and I have just one little one.

CP - Lovely.

This is year two for Dinks. You'd think she knew the routine by now!?!?

CrankyProf said...

Nah. This is year three for Bean, and she starts kindergarten next fall. After a whole summer "off," they're in "mommy mode."

I am looking forward to next Monday (when she actually starts pre-K), but I'm also sort of teary about's her last real "Baby" year.


Time to have another one!

Maidink said...

I'd love to have another one. Geo on the other hand .... let's just say he likes the "one is plenty" theory.

Moxie said...

Sounds like the two of you need to check those pics of the woman giving birth, again! lol

Then again, you've both been through it already so it's all old by now, perhaps! But your kids are so cute I can imagine why you would want to go through again! :)

Moxie said...

meant "old hat" and through "it"...

i need a damn proof reader!

Maidink said...

Moxie - I was on drugs when the baby was born. i didn't feel a thing until eight hours later. And I felt the pain for three weeks after that.

But you are right. Looking at the little crumb snatcher, I would do it again.