Saturday, September 17, 2005

Time out with the maternal half of the parent unit

Geo has a part-time job doing photography for some studio. He loves his photo stuff and if he can do it and earn some extra scratch, who am I to complain. This weekend, and next, is his training; ergo, I am all alone again. Well, me and the baby.

So I decided today we should hang with Nana. After the week my mum has had running back and forth between the hospital, home, and various other palces, she needed a getaway day. And we did what any woman who is stressed out should do.

We shopped!

We did the visit Dad thing first. Dad was thrilled to see the baby. And of course, the baby thought it was pretty neat to see Pop-Pop. She kept saying things like "Pop-Pop, I just love your room", "Pop-Pop, you have your own bed", "Pop-Pop, you have ice cream (that was on his lunch tray)", etc. She was a hoot. She took a ride down the hallway in his wheelchair using Nana power. She visited the nurses' station (and got a sticker). But all good things have to come to an end so we left.

Then it was off to the Willow Grove Park Mall. I love it there. It is built on the grounds of what used to be Willow Grove Park hence the mall's name (like you couldn't figure that one out yourself). John Philip Sousa, The March King, used to conduct his band there many moons ago. But enough with history, I'd rather talk commerce.

Ah, but no one can shop on an empty tummy. Off we went to the first stop - T.G.I.Friday's which is conveniently locate in the mall. Yum! We gorged and got dessert on top of it.

Now that we were stuffed like turkeys, it was time to shop.

We bought so much stuff. We went to the soon-to-be-defunct- Strawbridge's and went nuts. They were having a "Customer Appreciation" sale. When you used your charge card for your ppurchase of a sale item, you got an additional 20% off the price. Woo-hoo!!! And mum retired from the company years ago and retained her employee discount. Boom baby! It was a feeding frenzy at the rounders. And not a damn thing we bought was for ourselves. Mum bought a few things for Dad but the baby walked away with the lion's share. Figures the cute little kid gets it all.

The baby and I just got in the house an hour or so ago. I did all the driving so we dropped off my Mom, had some tea, and then drove on home. Mum had a fab time. She was so happy to go out and spend the day with us. I guess this makes up for all the times she and I argue.

Hee-hee-hee. Who am I kidding? Still, it was fun.


Piggy and Tazzy said...

I've only ever been in T.G.I Fridays once in my life. It was at about 2pm, sometime in 2001 in Vancouver.

The waitress spilled an orange juice over the friend I was with. A full glass.

They were great though - Our meal became a free meal, we were both given a free slap-up meal the next day (anything we wanted) too, complete with drinks. And they paid his cleaning bill and presented us both with T-shirts.

Nice people.

Maidink said...

P and T - I do like TGI's. So does Geo. I hate Bennigans. Awful service.