Wednesday, September 07, 2005

I work with mental giants

I order the supplies for my company. I don't monitor who uses the stuff.

I ordered a 15 foot extension cord about two months ago.

No lie, four separate people today asked me where it was.


Guess what? If it's not in the supply room, then someone is using it!



Virginia Gal said...

Hee hee, I feel your pain. I too am a fellow office supply orderer and man the stupid questions I get. My favorite is when they say "I thought we had such and such but I can't find it," so I go over to the supply cabinet and ta-da it is right there, if the person had just used their eyes! My other pet peeve, buying expensive supplies when cheap will work.

Maidink said...

I get that "I can't find this - oh look you found it in .2 seconds" all the time!

When it comes to spending, this company lives up to the saying "penny wise and pound foolish".

Maidink said...

Oh, and I didn't forget your questions. There are the next post.