Monday, September 19, 2005

S'Mores - The Food Pyramid's Foundation

I am completely addicted to s'mores. They rank right up there with my addiction to McDonald's. Neither are any good for me and I don't care!

Nothing says happiness better than melted jet-puffs marshmallows, oozey chocolate, and crunchy graham crackers squished together.

Mmmmm, yummy!


Moxie said...

Stop it! I'm supposed to be eating healthy today. I'm about to leap (not fall) off the wagon now that I've read that!

CrankyProf said...


Damn. Now I put marshmallows on the shopping list.

Maidink said...

Moxie - don't let those dieting books fool you! S'mores are bursting with vitamins and nutrition. Honest!

CP - Graham crackers! Don't forget that!

CrankyProf said...

I have a toddler! We ALWAYS have graham crackers!
(I have OMS -- therefore chocolate is on hand already, too!)

Moxie said...

Excellent!...I'm on my way to the grocery store!

(Can you see me clutching the steering wheel with both hands, eyes fixed to the road ahead, and foot heavy on the metal?!!...AND chanting "S'Mores! S'Mores! S'Mores!....if I get a ticket or gain a pound I shall blame YOU....I refuse to accept responsibility!)


Belinda said...

Oh, you heartless, cruel woman. My dad used to say, "Those Little Debbie People Are Going Straight To Hell." Mmmmmm Nutty Bars...

Maidink said...

CP - Duh! My bad. We have Teddy Grahams (Dora shaped of course).

Moxie - not a prob. just remember, s'mores are the fifth food group.

Belinda - Little Debbie and Moonpies!!!! Mmmmmm yum.