Friday, September 02, 2005

Why I choose the Yin Yang as a personal symbol

My Yin Yang Necklace
I am a Christian. I don't attend church regularly. I take the Lord's name in vain (though I really try not to). Organized religion, at times, gives me a migraine. I like to sing certain hymns; others make me nauseous. I think fighting over one's religion defeats the purpose. I don't condemn people for who they love. I believe everyone has some good in them no matter how morally reprehensible they seem to be. I believe in God and in Jesus and that He did die for my sins. I know the strength I have to live each day comes from my beliefs. I don't like hypocrites who pass judgement on others while clutching the Bible; however, I won't pass judgement on them for I am a Christian.

But I do not wear a cross around my neck. I wear a yin yang symbol.

It stares back at me whenever I look in the mirror. It's quite a beautiful piece. It's made of glass. I bought it off of E-bay.

I also use the yin yang as a gravatar. It's a tribal design using the symbol as the focal point of the sun.

It's my constant reminder that there are two sides to everything. As evil or as ugly things can be in this world, I am reminded there are things that are virtuous and beautiful. The dark can not exist without the light. Where one child is abused, another is hugged. While a city languishes in Louisiana, another looks toward hope in Mississippi. Tears fall for the finding of the dead as it does for the discovery of the living. Where despair exists, hope does as well. Both sides co-exist within each other but are completely opposite of each other. This is what helps me cope.

I talk to God when I need someone to listen to me but I don't have a question which needs an answer. I use prayer to help guide me through decisions. I look to the yin yang and it helps me stay focused and centered.

My religion gives me strength. The yin yang gives me peace.


tescosuicide said...

Listen, Christian or not, LOW CUT top for the next picture like this.

Virginia Gal said...

I too find those who hold the Quran and pass judgement on others the height of distasteful. I find those who crow the loudest about being "religious" are far from it.
Not that I could presume to know God's thinking, but I imagine HE is pleased when anyone does good in HIS name - more than attending services every Sunday and passing the homeless person on the street without dropping a dime.

Maidink said...

Tesco - Oh please! I could have it cut to my navel and there would be no difference. ;)

VG - All religion in its true form is universally good. I believe that. It's the extremeists who bastardize all that is holy to serve their own ends that annoy me.

Religion was my favorite subject in college.