Tuesday, September 20, 2005

Last one in starves!

How typical.

Today, the company ordered lunch for everyone. The history behind that is it's year-end. What that means for most people is we are trapped here until the books close. That's fine and dandy. The lunch is a morale booster and during year-end, we need all we can get. As tradition holds, the company orders lunch for everyone. Not a bad trade off since they usually order food from good places.

The office manager came around and took orders from the local pizza place which has quick butt food. I ordered a beef cheesesteak with fried onions and hots on the side. My officemate (we'll just call her Streats from now on) ordered the same sans the hots.

Food arrived about a half hour ago. We were told in the accounting department a few times, "Yo, food's here." I was in the middle of doing a batch report so I waited. Mistake on my part for not getting my lazy ass up right away.

Streats and I went into the conference room. There were all the execs stuffing their faces and one cheesteak on the table. I looked at Streats. She looked at me. I said "Um, we both ordered steaks." My ex-boss was there (they asked him to come in to help). He looked around to everyone and everyone was looking around at each other. He tried to be a smartass and lifted his 3/4 eaten steak as a show of "here you can have mine". I know he thought he was being funny but timing is everything and that was not the time. One of the execs (a temp exec if there is such a thing) said "Well, someone said lunch is here and everyone came in and started grabbing." That was enough for me to hear. I smiled and said "Of course, how typical" and walkd out back to my desk.

Streats offered me half her steak. I refused. Why she she short herself because we work with a bunch of piglets.

The office manager came around feeling bad. She said there was half a steak left if I wanted it or the company would pay for a luch from the canteen in the adjoining building. I don't do pity well so again, I refused. She insisted. She took all the blame saying she probably shorted the order. Points to her for being honest. I told her I was very angry and that anything would just get me angrier. i know I'll regret not taking the canteen lunch but it just me feel second rated and that sucks.

The sad part is this happened last year. Same situation. Year end. Lunch. My order not there. Lovely morale booster.


Virginia Gal said...

oh that sucks! I had to learn the hard way also, if you are even 10 minutes late to an eating thing at work, you are SOL. It is so strange to see people who make money, not starving, act like starvation victims the minute free food is available in the office.
Glad you stuck to your principles though!

Maidink said...

I stuck to them but my tummy didn't like that move.

I made up for it with a killer cheesesteak last night. :)