Saturday, September 17, 2005

Escaping Alcatraz was a walk in the park

Please note: I actually drafted this on Thursday and never posted. Things have improved since then.

My dad is plotting his escape. He can't take it much more. The hospital is driving him nuts.

He's planning on hiding in the giant food cart that hauls aways the food trays. Then once it hits the kitchen, he'll unfold his walker from under the cart, and walk on out the front doors to freedom.

Oh no. An elderly gentleman in a hospital gown with a walker scooching down Route 1 in Philadelphia won't raise too much suspicion now will it.


Rowan said...

*laughs* i think I like your ol' man!

Maidink said...

My dad is a hoot. He can bust my chops and tell my one brother to shove off. Then he'll turn around and put a doll's hat on his head and have "tea time" with my daughter. Goofy.