Friday, September 30, 2005

How I know autumn is truly here

1) The calendar - Well okay, that was the obvious first choice at least from me.
2) Millions of leaves on the ground - good if you're a little kid and love to jump in leaf piles. Bad if you have to rake the damn things. Worse for the kid who jumps into a leaf pile that has just been raked.
3) Candied or caramel apples - Drool! I love these things.
4) Pumpkins, pumpkins everywhere - we have so many farms here with pumpkins galore. I want to carve one or paint one. Ahhhh, I'll probably paint one instead. It'll last longer.
5) Stellar cold mornings - Nothing says fall like walking outside in the early morning and freezing your ever loving backside off. In my case, that could be beneficial.
6) Sweetzels Spiced Wafers and Ivin's Spiced Cookies - nothing says happiness on a cool autumn night like on eof these cookies and hot tea.
7) Halloween decorations galore - we have one particular home in our neighborhood that does a fantastic Halloween display. On Halloween night, they have the fog machines going everywhere and the entire family is dressed in the spirit of things. All the kids in the neighborhood love it (well, not mine but she's young yet).
8) Football and hockey - the only two sports worth watching
9) Oktoberfests - get a bunch of PA Dutch folk together, mix in some beer, and woo-hoohoooo! This year we're doing the Oktoberfest thing in MD at the Renn Festival.
10) Friggin school buses - the evil necessity to get the little ones safely to school

If anyone cares to add to the list via commetns, be my guest! Or just create your own list. Whichever you feel is more fun!


Belinda said...

Um...90 degrees here again today. Can't help ya out with that list. It's strictly a day on the calendar for us! We know it's winter when we have to put on tall muck boots just to go feed the horses.

Rowan said...

hmm, haven't had too many of those things here I'm afriad, but I know it's autumn, cause we have to close the pool this week *sniffles*

Maidink said...

Belinda - Indian summer hit here now. In three weeks or so, it'll get cold. And two days afer that, we'll get a blizzard.

Rowan - You'll survive. So is it a ceremony complete with party favors, or is it just drain and cover?