Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Nutrition 101

How to give your child a helping of all 4 basic food groups ...

Dink chowing on what was her Daddy's cheesteak

meat - cheesesteak

dairy - cheesesteak and pizza

fruits/vegatable - cheesesteak (fried onions) and pizza

breads - cheesesteak and pizza

See? It's the perfect supper!

brought to you by the maidink household of friday night eating.


Belinda said...

Um, yeah. I had alllll these grand illusions about how I would feed my precious child, and only the freshest, organic fruits, vegetables and meats and grains would enter her little body. That was before I realized that they can just NOT EAT.

Now, if it contains calories, and she will consent to eat it, in it goes! Wheeee!

CrankyProf said...


Processed cheez stix? You'll eat it? Have another!!

Maidink said...

Belinda - LOL!

I tried the same thing and the little munchkin went right for the pizza and cheese doodles. Oh well.

CP - LOL!!!

Cheetoes! The girl is addicted to Cheetoes. Fine by me.

Man these comments so rock!

CrankyProf said...

See, I was feeling BAD about my kids' diets -- Tyson chicken nuggets? Kraft mac and cheese? Hot dogs? Elio's pizza? Dole fruit cups?

These are the toddler food groups.

Maidink said...

hey, that sounds like my household.

Send me an email so I can send you my address for the 3t stuff.

CrankyProf said...


PaxRomano said...

And don’t forget the calcium found in a sixteen ounce serving of ice-cold chocolate milk!!

Maidink said...

Not her.

Go figure! This kid will scarf a Yorkie bar without blinking, eat a half pound Reese's Peanut Butter cup, but hates chocolate milk. She only likes white milk.

It's probably a phase. She'll realize the happiness choc-it milk can bring soon enough! ;)

Rowan said...

sadly, I've never gotten to savour the joy of a cheesesteak, one day, I shall have to find a place that serves it. Sounds like it is very popular in the states.

Maidink said...

Rowan - Cheesesteaks do rock, I must say. You can't get one in Canada? Ouch. I'll have to figure a way to esport one to ya. My luck, some smack in customs will eat it.

You'll just have to trip on over the border to the US. :)