Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Why doesn't this crap happen to the working father?

The New York Times ran an article stating a growing trend among college women who are willing to chuck the career thing after graduating and be stay at home moms.

For starters, if their major is business, my advice is "drop now". Nothing says "waste of time" better than a business student who, after she gets her degree, says, "Oh that $100K I (or more possibly the scenerio - mom and dad) just spent on this degree? Who cares. I'm getting married and staying home with the kids." Whatever. If that's the way you do a proper situation analysis, the business world is better off without you. However, if it's liberal arts degree said woman is striving for, I say stay in school. Nothing hurts in enriching your mind. It could help if you want to home school.

The article, for the most part, was pretty lame. It's all "look at the rich college kid and her noble decision" rah rah garbage. I mean, it focused on Ivy league schools only. Most of the students who attend these schools come from affluent families; hence, they probably have a trust fund. Money to them may not be a factor in deciding whether or not to work. I seriously doubt the same trend is prevalent among schools where a student has to bust her hump working to get tutition money together. That student may hold their degree in higher regard than one whose degree, in a sense, was handed to them.

But then I look at the flip side of the arguement. Mom and dad probably worked like dogs so they could "everything". That would set a bad taste in any kid's mouth who would rather have their parents home than the office. So I could understand how the trend got its beginnings.

What cracks me up is some on the conservative right (more than likely Rick Santorum supporters) actually hailed this article as good journalism. They are shouting "Hooray" knowing that these women will be raising their children properly without having someone else in a {shudder} daycare do it for them.

Um, okay.

The conservative right always looked down on the working mother. They see her as being ambitious to point of sacrificing her child's welfare. Or uncaring when she dumps her kid at daycare regardless of how much the child wants to stay with mommy. Or worse, a single mom with a child having to work to support herself and her child. Then again, some right-wing conservatives are extremist Christians so being a single mom right off the bat is horrible. Yes, the working mom is evil in their eyes.

For the woman who went to school to prove she doesn't have to depend on a man to support her or possibly her kids, this article was toilet paper. For the woman who went to school to show she can kick some serious booty in the working world, this article was fodder. To the woman who scrimped and saved to get a degree to better her position in this world, this article was nonexistent.


Anonymous said...

I say, Fuck 'em! They are Dingleberries on parade!

Shark-fu said...

Can I link to you? I always like to ask...

Maidink said...

Matthew - "Dingleberries on parade"? I haven't heard that expression in some time. :)

I, too, am not a big fan of the conservative. If they would wake up and realize the 50's are over, maybe we'd get some progress out of them.

Shark-Fu - Or should I say ABB, I would highly honored if my link appeared on your blog. Thank you!

Virginia Gal said...

Very interesting observation - we read a book in bookclub about this whole issue of women and careers and family. How liberated are we really?
I do say to my Indian community is just to get your daughter married - than don't bother to give her a higher education, cause you're just going to show her what she can't have.
Very interesting and oh the conservatives hate women, I think. :-)

Maidink said...

I always said if I could afford to stay home, I would. But I would still feel that pang to get out and work (volunteer even).

Conservatives don't "hate" women. They're just not looked upon as complete equals. But it's been that way throughout history in practically all cultures.

Krisco said...

I'm glad I found your site. I'm sure you are normal. :)

I think the saddest thing is to think is that women should not get an education because they will be shown things they can't have. Getting an education informs who you are as a person, as a citizen, as a mother, as a wife. And frankly, the child-rearing years don't last forever. It's better to be able to work at a better job because of your education, then. Also, you never know when you HAVE to work, so godforbid, have that education. (I guess in this country for the most part that battle's been won on the side of women for the past forty years or so...)

I'm wondering what the book from the bookclub was called....

Also, what is a dingleberry on parade? :)

I am currently at home with my two kids, but hardly sure if is the best for everyone, or even for us somedays. :)

Glad I found your site, I'll be back.

Maidink said...

Krisco - pleased to meet ya! Sorry I'm getting back so late to comment.

My whole reason for completing my education was so I had the degree behind me. What bothers me is the way the article came off and how some ultra-conservatives took the info. I would have loved to stay home with the Dinks while she was an infant. Finances didn't permit it at the time. If we have another, finances won't permit me to work. And you are right, my having a degree would make me a better candidate when reintroduced to the working world.

Don't know the book VG mentioned.

Saying "Dingleberry on parade" is a kin to saying a-hole on parade.

Come back again. I promise I'll comment quicker next time. :)