Thursday, September 15, 2005

I'm getting HP fever

I'm reading J.K.'s Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. My personal goal is to have all books read before Goblet of Fire hits the theatres. So far, the outlook is rather dismal. I'm on page 200 of Phoenix.

I'm doomed.

On a brighter note, I'm buying a wand. Yes, I said "wand". I saw a rather nice one at Alivan's and told Geo about it. I told him it was a Redwood Wand with Essence of Cyclops Eyelash used for enchantment. I also told him I would have preferred the Yew Wand with Essence of Phoenix Feather as the core enchantment. Alas, that is on backorder. He was unimpressed. Geo could give a frog's fat water-tight backside about Harry Potter.

Me: The only downside I see is the baby. She'll comandeer it. And then use it on me.

Geo: Yeah. She'll look at you and say, "Go away." *POOF*


Piggy and Tazzy said...

Who are you calling a poof?

I bet you were waiting for that response!

Virginia Gal said...

oh thanks for the reminder, gotta re-read Goblet of Fire before the movie comes out.

Maidink said...

P and T - HA ha! I didn't notice. Then again I don't regularly use that word.

VG - less than 63 days!!! I can't wait!!!! GOF was the best IMHO!